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I have dedicated my life to helping others feel better..mind, body and soul. When I spoke to people about getting bodywork, there was a hesitation towards regular sessions because the cost was prohibitive. People understood that regular bodywork is not a luxury, but a part of a well balanced life. They WANT massage, and energywork. That view still did not change how much those services cost. So there was the crux of the issue.

How could I help regular, hard working people afford consistent bodywork instead of the occasional on-a-special-occasion massage? Lowering rates when you have the overhead of renting a location, utilities etc just would not work.

To that end I made the conscious decision to have my practice within my home instead of opening up an expensive location where the overhead requires higher prices. I remodeled two rooms and appointed them with lavish spa amenities. I found two other massage therapists with the same ideals and goals. We came together as a collective in order to bring about the best positive healing experiences for our clients.

I felt that this enabled me to bring luxury treatments and our best therapeutic techniques to as many people as possible at prices they could afford- reliably. By keeping our overhead low, we get to keep our session rates reasonable without compromising on atmosphere, skill or quality of products. Now every BODY can have massage.

Since this is a private practice in a home office there ARE animals (dogs and cats) and teenagers in the building. They are NEVER in the rooms, but if you are allergic to either, lets us know.

Welcome to Serenity Massage & Energuwork

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Julia Lawrence LMT

Julia Lawrence

President & Founder

One of my most exciting experiences as an LMT was serving as an LMT for the USA Olympic Swim Trials in 2016. I am an Olympics fan and to be a part of it- even if on the small side- was a great honor.

Julia Lawrence LMT
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