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Our Rates

By keeping my overhead low, my session rates are reasonable without compromising on atmosphere, skill, services offered or quality of products. Now every BODY can have massage.

This is a quick reference rates guide. If you want the details for each service, go Here

First time clients will pay in advance for their first session.

You have three options.

1. You may click on this Book Now on! Button

2. You may purchase a gift certificate that will be applied to your session,Purchase gift card on!

Or 3 . Call 712 326 6002 to pay over the phone.

Your session will NOT be confirmed until payment is made.

As a reminder, this is a private practice and as such, there are animals (dogs, cats and teenagers) in the building. They will NOT be in the room. If this is a problem for you, please contact us.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any client for any reason we see fit.

Please our Information page for more detailed policies.

  • Massage Treatments
    Swedish Massage 1 hr $50 90 min $80 2 hr $100
    Myofascial Release 1 hr $50 90 min $80 2 hr $100
    CBD Massage 1 hr $65 90 min $95
    Pregnancy Massage 1 hr $50 90 min $80 2 hr $100
    Oncology/Cancer Massage 1 hr $50
    cancer massage
    Trigger Point Massage 1 hr $50 90 min $80 2 hr $100
    trigger point
    Senior/Elder Massage 1 hr $50 90 min $80 2 hr $100
    elder massage
    Hot Stone Massage 1 hr $80 90 min $100 2 hr $130
    hot stone massage
    2 Hour Customized Massage $100
    2 hr massage
    Deep Tissue Massage $70
    1 hr massage
    Abdominal Massage - goddess $60
    1 hr massage
    Abdominal Massage - Digestive $60
    1 hr massage
    Aromatherapy Massage 1 hr $60 90 min $90 2 hr $110
    BodyArt Therapy Massage starting at 1 hr $80
    bodyart therapy
    Reiki Massage 1 hr $60 90min $90 2 hr $110
    Chakra Therapy Massage 90min $100
    Crystal Therapy Massage 1hr $60 90min $90
    crystal work
    Sound Therapy Massage 1hr $60 90min $90
    singing bowls
    Oil Drop Therapy Massage 1hr $80 90min $100
    drop therapy
    Shamanic Healing Massage 90min $120 2hr $155
    shamanic healing
    Color Therapy Massage 1hr $60 90min $90
    color thrapy

    Guided Journey Massage

    Healing Journey Massage 1hr $65 90min $95 2hr $115
    healing journey
    Cellular Journey 1hr $65 90min $95 2hr $115
    cellular journey
  • Energywork

    Energy Work

    Reiki 1 hr $50
    Crystal Therapy 1 hr $50
    Sound Therapy 1 hr $70
    singing bowls
    Shamanic Healing 2hr $155
    shamanic healing
    Guided Meditation 1hr $65
    guided journey
    Color Therapy 1hr $65
    color thrapy
  • Body Art


    BodyArt Therapy starts at 1 hr $80
    BAT leg

    There are several different mediums to choose from:

    Gilding Paste
    Glitter Tattoos
    Body Paints
    24kt Gold and Sterling Silver

    Body Art for Beautification priced by pattern

    henna hand 24 kt gold


    wedding bodyart


    gilded arm

    Bridal Showers/Bachelorette Parties

    henna foot

    Grooms Night/Bachelor Parties

    Baby Showers- Pregnant belly Designs!

    gilded belly

    Birthday Parties

    Multi-cultural Festivals

    Religious Ceremonies

    There are several different mediums to choose from:

    Gilding Paste
    Glitter Tattoos
    Body Paints
    24kt Gold and Sterling Silver

  • Spa treatment

    Nurturing Spa Services - Luxurious treatments for a reasonable rate.

    Body Wraps 1 hr $80 90min $110

    body wrap
    The Mountain
    the mountain
    Cloud 9
    cloud 9
    Desert in Bloom
    desert bloom
    The Ocean
    the ocean

    Spa Massage

    Different massage modalities are incorporated into traditional spa services offering a fusion of pampering and therapy.

    Stimulating Foot Massage 1hr $55
    feet scrub
    Flowing Tides Hot Oil Massage 1hr $65 90min $95
    flowing tides
    Abdominal Massage-Goddess 1hr $60
    Abdominal Massage-Digestive
    Blissful Dreams Massage 1hr $65 90min $95
    Tension Tamer Therapy 1hr $80 90min $110
    tension tamer

    Spa Experiences

    Whole Body Sugar/Salt Scrub/Glow 1hr $80 90min $110
    body scrub
    The Chocolate Experience Body Scrub and Massage 1hr$90 90min $120 2hr $140
    chocolate experience
    The Hawaiian Experience 1hr $90 90 min $120 2 hr $140
    Hawaiian experience
    The Viking Experience Ice and Fire 1hr $80 90min $110 2 hr $130
    viking experience

    Facial Massages

    European Face Lifting Massage 30 min $45
    european face lefting massage
    Face and Scalp Rejuvenation Therapy 1hr $60 90 min $90
    face and scalp
  • Energywork

    Add ons

    CBD Massage $15
    Custom Aromatherapy $10
    custom aromatherapy
    Heavenly Exfoliating Scrubs (either) hands OR feet $10
    feet scrub
    Heavenly Exfoliating Scrubs Both hands AND feet $18
    hand scrub
    Mini Chakra $10
    Hot Oil Scalp Massage $10- w/aroma $15
    Sinus Relief $10
    Cryo-Therm Muscle Therapy $10
    Mini Color Therapy $10
    mini color
    Mini Sound Therapy $10
    flowing tides
    Deep Muscle Therapy $10
    deep muscle therapy
    Mini Crystal Therapy $15
    crystal therapy