24kt gold

gold wedding

The epitome in luxury wedding accessory. this is real 24kt gold leaf artfully applied with a special body glue. This temporary bodyart can last up to 14 days if taken care of. Its simply stunning.

Sterling silver

gilding 1

Perhaps gold is not your color? or maybe you just love the way silver gleams.. either way this is pure silver leaf applied just like the gold. Beautiful.

Gilded Bodyart

Both the gold and silver bodyart can be pricey, so here is an alternative. It looks just like the real thing... only its not... so it is less expensive.

gilding 1

If you cannot have henna for health reasons or if you simply prefer the look, there is an alternative. It is a body art cosmetic grade acrylic paste that lasts almost as long as henna, even longer on some areas of the body. It is beautiful, safe, and unique. These photographs were done with a wedding in mind. It is done in white pearl but you can choose from many colors or even several colors. Just like henna, embellishments are available and really make this bodyart medium sparkle.

The prices for gilded body art are the same as for henna body art and are priced by the pattern. You can also do a combination for beautiful effects.

Colors for gilding paste include, silver, gold, pearl, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst. I have almost every color you can think of in cosmetic grade, eco friendly glitter.