Continuing Education Classes



Julia teaches continuing education classes at various locations and events throughout the year.

  • aroma I

    Foundations in Aromatherapy II June 17th 2018

    aroma I

    Foundations in Aromatherapy III October 7th 2018

    aroma I

  • Pregnancy Massage Class


    These are classes that we know we will be offering in 2019, but the location, dates and times are being arranged.

    Foundations in Aromatherapy I

    1st quarter 2019

    Pregnancy Massage

    2nd quarter 2019

    Spa Essentials for the small business

    3rd quarter 2019

    Cryo-Therm Massage

    4th quarter 2019

  • BodyArt Therapy

    BodyArt Therapy

    3rd quarter 2019

  • Future Classes

    Future Classes

    These are classes we are developing due to demand, but have not solidified the program yet.

    Sound Therapy
    Hot Stone Massage
    Reiki Attunement I, II and III